Verner Panton Universe by TAGWERC

Verner Panton Universe

The Verner Panton Universe by TAGWERC has been the contact point for Verner Panton Design worldwide since 2009. TAGWERC, the exclusive interior designer from Essen, a town in the heart of Germany/ Europe, is the specialist for licensed Verner Panton Design. No matter if lighting, furniture, rugs or home accessories according to the designs of the Danish architect and designer Verner Panton – at TAGWERC the design enthusiast only finds new and all available replacement parts for defective Verner Panton Design objects, no matter if new or vintage.

Unique living room

Most people know his furniture designs, but only few know, who Verner Panton actually was and what mission he had during his lifetime. In the Verner Panton Universe by TAGWERC the designer has got a unique “living room”. The Dane, who redesigned furniture design in the second half of the 20th century, avoided wingbacks and wall units and used the psychology of colours in his designs.

Secure providence

In the Verner Panton Universe, the digital Verner Panton showroom by TAGWERC, you will experience Verner Panton design objects with unique background information and unimaginable connections. The Verner Panton specialist TAGWERC offers exclusively design objects with a secured provenance.

Valuable knowledge

In the Verner Panton Universe by TAGWERC you do not buy anything off the shelf, but exclusive interior design objects that will change your life. Slim structures, excellent manufacturer contacts and valuable knowledge guarantee Verner Panton Design in original quality at the best conditions to you. In addition, TAGWERC offers a spare parts and restoration service for defective or outdated Panton objects.

Passion and conviction

Passion is probably the best prerequisite for any profession. The TAGWERC team loves Verner Panton, or rather his visions of a happy living world. Panton thought, that it is more convenient to sit on a chair in the colour you prefer. We from TAGWERC share this conviction and carry it out into the world by running the Verner Panton Universe.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
The text is protected by copyright.

Verner Panton Design manufactured by &tradition.

Pendant light Flowerpot VP1

Pendant light Flowerpot VP7

Pendant light Flowerpot VP2

Table lamp Flowerpot VP3

Table lamp Flowerpot VP4

Pendant light Topan VP6

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Designercarpets.

Rugs VP Gate

Rugs VP Astoria

Rugs VP1

  • VP 1BW

    1.760,00 £5.294,79 £

Rugs VP6

  • VP 6BL

    1.582,52 £4.766,05 £
  • VP 6BW

    1.582,52 £4.766,05 £
  • VP 6RP

    1.582,52 £4.766,05 £
  • VP 6WG

    1.582,52 £4.766,05 £

Rugs VP8 Rainbow

  • VP 8RB

    227,76 £4.377,82 £
  • VP 8RQ

    1.079,66 £3.246,39 £
  • VP 8SC

    2.159,33 £4.865,88 £
  • VP 8SQ

    2.159,33 £4.865,88 £

Rugs VP8 White & Black

  • VP 8WB

    227,76 £4.377,82 £

Rugs VP8 Black & White

  • VP 8BW

    227,76 £4.377,82 £

Rugs VP Onion

Rugs VP Geometri

Rugs VP Rays

Rugs VP Ypsilon

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Georg Jensen.

Bowl / Trays Panton Tray in polished stainless steel

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Montana.

Chairs Panton One

Stools Panton One Bar

Chairs Panton One Kitchen

Shelving system Panton Wire

Shelving system Panton Wire Extended

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Louis Poulsen.

Floor lamp Panthella F

Table lamp Panthella T

Table lamp Panthella MINI

Table lamp Panthella Portable

Spare parts Panthella F

Spare parts Panthella T

Spare parts Panthella Mini

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Schönbuch.

Coat stand Panton Coatstand

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Verpan.

Pendant lights Mother of Pearl

Wall lights Mother of Pearl

Floor lamps Mother of Pearl

Table lamps Mother of Pearl

Pendant lights Moon

Pendant lights Globe

Pendant lights Spiral silver

Pendant lights Spiral gold

Floor lamp Wire Lamp

Table lamp Wire Lamp

Mobile storage Barboy

Rugs Grande

Rugs Luna Rug

Chairs Panto Pop

Chairs 430 Stuhl

Mirror object Mirror Sculptures

Verner Panton Design manufactured by Vitra.

Armchair Amoebe with Tonus

Chairs Panton Chair

Living sculpture Living Tower