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Design classics from yesterday and tomorrow

B—Line is an Italian furniture manufacturer that is committed to the new edition of renowned design classics from Joe Colombo, Rodolfo Bonetto or Kazuhide Takahama . For the production of design icons such as the roll container Boby, company founder Giorgio Bordin started in 1999 with the securing of the original shapes in order to reissue and partially reinterpret those famous design pieces that – with their imperishable shape – never lose their appeal. Besides B—Line manufacts exclusive interior design pieces from current designers. TAGWERC as an official partner of B—Line offers the entire B—Line collection as licensed originals as well as all available spare parts from B—Line.

Design from yesterday and tomorrow

From the very beginning, B—Line has not only produced design classics, but also completely modern pieces of furniture that have been created in collaboration with international designers. All B—Line design furniture have in common the high material quality and mobile usability, as required by a changeable lifestyle and changing room situations nowadays. Driven by a strong, cultural incentive, it is not surprising that B—Line naturally pays special attention to sustainability.

Made in Italy

“Great care in the production process and constant maintenance of the processing tools are the secret of that the original forms from the 1970s can still be used for the new edition of the design classics,” B—Line knows. All B—Line products are manufactured entirely in Italy. “The company prefers local companies, which are a treasure trove of remarkable specialists and represent the legacy of great craftsmanship and excellence, which must be protected.” Environmental protection stays at the very beginning of the entire production process. Transport and recycling implied a great deal of energy and consumption, which B—Line is trying to avoid.

King customer

B—Line always focuses on the customer and the desire to create special perceptions and forms of expression for private, business and public spaces – both indoors and outdoors. Regular testing procedures guarantee the high quality of the B—Line furniture. Every object receives an approval. The seating furniture are certified by the CATAS Institute. Working with international designers involves different perspectives and different cultures. B—Line sees itself as its first customer. In this way, the company works on the highest standards in the areas of service, communication and support, because B—Line consists of people who relate to people.

Quality of the design

The furnishings from B—Line are created for private living spaces as well as office and contract areas. Materials such as plastic, steel, fabric and wood are formed into true works of art with the flexible use of the technologies to be used, which reveal their particularity to every viewer and user. In the search for the perfect combination of versatility, originality and functionality, B—Line incorporates both the creativity for example of Karim Rashid and the Zen spirit of Kazuhide Takahama. The B—Line maxim is the quality of the design.

Discover the unique manufactures of the Italian furniture label B—Line, which thanks to company founder Giorgio Bordin have not been forgotten and are available in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Design furniture and spare parts by B—Line.

Mobile storage Boby

Armchair Multichair

Container module Ring

Overlay for the Boby Rollcontainer