The designography of Studio DDL by Bianca Killmann for TAGWERC

Designography of Studio DDL

Studio DDL is an association of Italian architects and designers Gionatan (also Jonathan) de Pas (1932-1991), Donato d’Urbino (born
1935) and Paolo Lomazzi (born 1936). The design quartet formed in 1966 under the name De Pas / D’Urbino / Lomazzi / Scolari in Milan, the birthplace of all four designers, because originally also Carla Scolari was of them. In addition to furniture design Studio DDL is dedicated to exhibition design, architecture and urban planning. Besides the design group Achizoom, Studio DDL is one of the most important representatives of Radical Design in furniture design. The design of Studio DDL is represented by the armchair Joe in TAGWERC Design STORE.

Nothing but air

Already in the 1960s, the Italian design trio designes a chair that uses only air as a structural element. For example, the inflatable “Blow” chair uses a plastic shell that gives the air its shape and function. Designed in 1967 and first introduced in 1968, Blow has become a symbol of a changing design culture against the background of a changing socioculture in the sixties and associated with the Pop Art style.

Radical Design

In the 1960s, a design flow was created in Italy called Radical Period, Radical Time or Radical Design. It has its peak in Italy in the late 1960s / early 1970s. Studio DDL is considered one of the most important representatives of Radical Design. In the studio of Gionatan de Pas, Donato d’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi design objects such as the armchair Joe (1970), the armchair bed Flap and the clothes rack Sciangai (1973), the stool Giotto and the tables Festival and Rio (1975) are created as a protest against functionalism, the sofa Grand Italia (1980), the sofa Flou Flou (1982), the armchair Campo (1984), the tables Cable (1986) and Cone (1988) and the chair Larry (1991).

Baseball glove for sitting

How does a ball in a baseball glove have to feel? Anyone who has asked this question before, since 1970 the design Trio de Pas / d’Urbino / Lomazzi provides an answer. Joe, an oversized and padded baseball glove, is just waiting to fall in like a ball. The Italian-born baseball player Joe DiMaggio, a superstar of his time and baseball legend until today, inspired the Milanese to this extravagant armchair design, which is still manufactured in elaborate handcraft by Poltronova.

Studio DDL Design

Studio DDL has won many awards, for example with the design award Compasso d’Oro, and is represented with its designs in almost all important design collections: MoMa / New York, New Collection Munich, Victoria & Albert Museum / London – just to name a few. The TAGWERC Design STORE you will find legendary Studio DDL Design for your own four walls.

Author of the designography: Bianca KILLMANN
The designography is protected by copyright.

Studio DDL Design, manufactured by Poltronova.

Coat stand Cessato Allarme from Poltronova

Baseball Armchair JOE from Poltronova