Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day

She still washes your favourite jumper at night, bakes cakes for your birthday, helps you out when something unexpected happens – Mum is simply the best! On Mother’s Day, we thank her for her selfless commitment and unconditional love. Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated in Germany on the second Sunday in the merry month of May. On the same day, Americans celebrate their mothers on Mother’s Day. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, ‚Mothering Sunday‘ is celebrated three weeks before Easter, and the French celebrate the ‘Fête des Mères’ on the last month of May. In Spain, Mexico and all other Spanish-speaking countries, Mother’s Day is called ‘Día de la Madre’ or ‘Festa della Mamma’ in Italy. No matter where or how it is celebrated, Mother’s Day is a popular holiday all over the world and is celebrated with homemade baked goods and small gifts.

Gifts in good style

Gifts in good style for Mother’s Day can be found at interior specialist TAGWERC, in the showroom and online in the TAGWERC Design STORE. TAGWERC is specialised in design classics and offers exclusive home accessories and interior design objects for all ‘kids’ who want to give their mothers something special. Maybe the presentee has a favourite colour like red, blue, green or yellow? Perhaps it would be a good idea to give a home accessory that matches Mum’s existing furnishings or stands out as a special highlight, reminding her of the giver every day? In addition to the curated selection offered online in the TAGWERC Design STORE, TAGWERC has designs from renowned manufacturers ready for this and other occasions.

A little something as a gesture

Tastes and Mother’s Days around the globe may be different – but they are all united by the desire to celebrate dear Mom and present her with a little something as a loving gesture, for example, as a symbol of appreciation. Perhaps we will never be able to give her back what she has done for us and does for us every day. On Mother’s Day – and any other day, of course as well – we have the opportunity to say ‚thank you‘ to our mother.

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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day at the TAGWERC Design Store.





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