Original Verliebt. Original Interior Design in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Original Verliebt

In the TAGWERC Design STORE you will receive only in license-produced design with a guarantee of authenticity. Especially in the field of interior design product piracy is very common. If you save on the price, you run the risk of buying a design copy – compromises in appearance and quality included. The danger is such great because pirated copies are sometimes offered with the original images of the licensed manufacturers.

In the end, the avoidable bargain does not pay off. For one thing, design replicas do not go through the security checks that licensed originals undergo before they are sold. This can be particularly dangerous, for example, in the operation of lighting copies. On the other hand, the sale, even the import of design copies is illegal in some countries. This makes the purchase of a copy a one-way street, because a legal resale is not possible. Finally, plagiarism lacks value. Anyone who buys plagiarism ultimately causes artists and creative people to starve to death.

All good reasons to save on a licensed original from the TAGWERC Design STORE instead of buying a copy.

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