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Be Original Americas

TAGWERC is official partner of the „Be Original Americas™“ initiative. The non-profit organization Be Original Americas is dedicated to the education, information and value creation of the original design. Their conviction: Design influences our environment, economy and ethical well-being. Design originals are subject to a value chain, the preservation of which is an existential part of our society, is the furnishing expert TAGWERC convinced. Therefore, TAGWERC sells designs and design classics exclusively under license, also known as “Design Originals” for a long time.

“Especially in the field of interior design, piracy is very widespread,” knows TAGWERC. Those who save on the price run the risk of purchasing a design copy – including impairment on appearance and quality. The danger is so great because pirated copies are offered partly with the original images of the licensed manufacturers. In the end, the avoidable bargain doesn’t pay off.

For one thing, design copies do not go through the security checks that licensed originals are subjected to before they are sold. The TAGWERC Design TEAM warns: “This can be particularly dangerous, for example, when luminaire copies are operated.” On the other hand, the sale, even the import of pirated copies, is illegal in some countries. This makes the purchase of a pirated copy a one-way street, because a legal resale is not possible. After all, there is a lack of plagiarism in value creation. Whoever buys a plagiarism will ultimately starve artists and creatives.

This is where „Be Original Americas™“ starts with its commitment. Since 2012, the U.S.-based organization has initiated courses and awarded student scholarships. When it comes to design, Be Original Americas says it is working directly with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The cooperation between Be Original Americas and TAGWERC aims to raise awareness among people worldwide of the importance of original design. Be original!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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