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Multifunctional furniture

The furniture manufacturer Montana Møbler from the Danish island Funen was founded by the furniture specialist Peter J. Lassen in 1982. His son Joakim Lassen controls the design and communications department of the company, which is specialized in interior design, especially shelves, tables and chairs. The heart of the Montana collection at premium interior designer TAGWERC is the 6060 shelving system by Peter J. Lassen and design classics by Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. The designers, all Danes, also find themselves in the category Scandinavian Design.

Pioneer shelf

Montana Møbler is owner-managed and specialized in the production of its own 6060 shelving system, designed by company founder Peter J. Lassen back in 1974. As a template for maverick Lassen served banana boxes. While other furniture systems at that time offered only the possibility of horizontal extension, the furniture system conceived by Lassen made it possible for the first time to individualize not only the width and length but also the height. With the Montana Shelving System 6060, the customer was able to put together his tailor-made shelf according to the modular principle for the first time. Today, the Montana Shelving System consists of 42 basic modules in 4 depths and 49 colours and finishes. At the Danish plant Montana produces high- tech on 20.000 square meters. Of particular note in this context is certainly the Montana value chain: On the one side of the plant, the raw materials go in and on the other side, the ready-made design objects come out.

Individuality and versatility

Another special feature of Montana Møbler is the individuality and versatility of the shelving systems, such as the Montana Free Shelving System. Twelve models and eight textile panels allow adaptation to the actual room conditions. And that, without having to hire a carpenter with a costly tailor made, which is completely impossible to move.

Well-known designers

A second mainstay of Montana and the completion of the Montana collection at TAGWERC are, beside shelves for all kinds of purposes or rooms, also tables and chairs, including drafts of designer like Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Jakob Wagner, Stefan Werwerka, Joakim Lassen or Salto & Sinsgaard.

Panton collection

Panton’s wire shelf, Panton Wire, for example, the Panton Bachelor Chair with Panton Bachelor Footstool and Panton Bachelor Table and the Panton One Chair family, consisting of the dining chair Panton One, Panton One Lounge, Panton One Bar and Panton One Lounge Kitchen are made by Montana and in the original supplied by design interior specialist TAGWERC. Not to forget the Panton Table, a table in two sizes for use as a small dining table or side table or coffee table.

Use Montana furniture from TAGWERC to unleash your creative freedom and realize your personal interior design style!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton design, manufactured by Montana.

Verner Panton - Panton Wire Shelving system

Verner Panton - Panton Wire Extended Shelving system

Verner Panton - Panton One Chairs

Verner Panton - Panton One Lounge Chairs

Verner Panton - Panton One Bar Stools

Verner Panton - Panton One Kitchen Chairs

Peter J. Lassen - Play Rollcontainer