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‘Colour of enlightenment and the sun’

Yellow, the colour of enlightenment and the sun, is one of the three primary colours. Besides orange, it is said to have been the favorite colour of the painter Vincent van Gogh. In fact, yellow inspires the mind and is associated with truth, knowledge and wisdom. In many cultures, yellow stands for the divine and beautiful.

Yellow has radiance and is best perceived of all colours from a distance. What began with the legendary Checker Cab has a tradition in New York City to this day: the taxi colour yellow. Yellow lights up and in combination with black this colour duo has a warning function in the animal world. Wasps and hoverflies, for example, are yellow, not forgetting the fire salamander. Warning signs have a yellow background and safety vests are also yellow, neon yellow.

Yellow in rooms is mainly used as a wall colour, but as a living accessory or even a design object? Rather seldom. Completely wrong! Because yellow awakens the spirits and brings a good mood into the home. Yellow pillows, a yellow coat rack, a yellow pendant lamp, a yellow chair, a yellow sideboard – the radiance of this energetic colour and its positive effect on our psyche is often underestimated.

If it seems too daring to design an entire room in yellow, individual design objects from the TAGWERC Design STORE give the option of skillfully setting yellow files and slowly approaching them in this way. Here come yellow design objects and yellow home accessories that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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