50th anniversary of the death of Joe Colombo by Bianca Killmann for TAGWERC

Joe Colombo’s 50th anniversary of death

30.07.1930 – 30.07.1971

On July 30, 1971, half a century ago, Cesare “Joe” Colombo never returned from his walk. The designer and architect was suddenly and unexpectedly torn from life on his 41st birthday. The native of Milan left us with his modern and sophisticated buildings and striking design objects. First and foremost the “Boby” roll container, the “Multichair”, both from 1970, the “Ring” shelf module and the Crossed seat cushion, both from 1963. Colombo used his private rooms as a showroom. In here, he tried out his creative drafts and, incidentally, subjected them to the best possible practical test. B — Line has reissued some of Colombo’s design classics at the end of the 20th century, in here presented and sold by TAGWERC.

With “Ring”, for example, a single, rectangular basic element made of metal and wood can be multiplied and expanded into a decorative control system. Additional roles give the shelf an unusual mobility. A completely new approach in the age of built-in wardrobes and wooden wall units. The “Multichair” and “Tube Chair” armchairs follow exactly the same principle, with practically unlimited uses. Colombo saw the living space of the future not as a permanently installed, immobile backdrop but as a multifunctional, interactive unit that adapts to the individual needs of changing residents. In addition to Colombo’s own apartment from 1970, it is above all the room installation “Visiona 1” at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 1969 that brings Joe Colombo‘s visionary utopias to life. Colombo believes that the need to live in a metropolitan area like a big city will become less important in the future, as will classic furnishings. The living space of the future will simply be everywhere

Colombo loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest: good food, fast cars, elegant clothes – the designer developed a preference for all of these. In winter he was found skiing with friends in the mountains. In Milan he spent the evenings playing jazz and the nights in jazz clubs. Colombo was a real all-rounder, he mixed fantastic cocktails that his companions described as legendary. Not to forget the tobacco pipe. In painting, a moralizing symbol of excess or vanity, it became his trademark. During his lifetime the reputation of a bon vivant preceded him and one could undoubtedly have described Joe Colombo as a dandy, a virtuoso of the art of living and lifestyle.

Cesare “Joe” Colombo left this planet 50 years ago on a sunny Friday in July 1971 – today we would like to remember him. With his legendary designs from the TAGWERC Design STORE, he will live on forever.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Design furniture in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Mobile storage Boby

Armchair Multichair

Container module Ring

Overlay for the Boby Rollcontainer