by Verner Panton

VP1 by Designercarpets is made by hand after a design by designer Verner Panton exclusively for you after the order has been placed. Thus, the VP1 rug is one of the few selected furnishings that are reserved for a small circle and are extremely rare. In the TAGWERC Design STORE you will find only design originals of the highest quality combined with the best possible service. In addition to the dimensions offered here, TAGWERC tailor-mades the VP1 rug to your individual wishes, taking into account the pattern repeat.

Manufacturer Modern carpets by Designercarpets. Design by Verner Panton.
Material Pure new wool
Shipping 3 Month
Inclusive quality Check

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The VP1 carpet was redesigned by Designercarpets based on the 1978 design by Verner Panton.The carpet, made from 100% pure new wool, is decorated in colour blocking of black and white. In this case, the geometric pattern is composed of Verner Panton typical different sized squares, which, by their particular arrangement, produce an optical illusion upon close inspection.

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With its exceptional appearance the VP1 rug can be placed both, as a runner in the hallway or in transit between two connecting rooms as well as a cozy carpeting in front of a sofa in the living room or as a rug in the bedroom. On the wall, the VP1 rug reminds of a graphic relief in the style of Josef Albers.

The special livability of the VP1 rug is supported by the processed material, pure new wool. Pure new wool is seen as a renewable and biodegradable raw material, ecologically valuable. Its further positive characteristics: sturdy, stain-resistant, durable, warm, air purifying, regulates moisture and fire resistant. Especially used for a carpet as the VP1 rug the interior design benefits instantly by an increase of comfort.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Processing
  • Land
  • Pure new wool
  • Black, White
  • Hand knotted
  • Nepal


  • Size
  • Total height
  • Weight
  • 150 x 200 cm
  • ca. 0.11 cm
  • ca. 11.40 kg


  • Certificate
  • The GoodWeave-Programme (Rugmark) certifies rugs without exploitative child labour.

    Certified rugs are manufactured by adult and appropriately paid carpet weavers without child labour. Independent inspectors regularly monitor compliance with GoodWeave standards at the factory.

    The carpet will be hand knotted for you after your order.

The VP1 rug was designed by
Verner Panton

Verner Panton X Pantop
Designer Verner Panton
Verner Panton
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton is one of the most inspiring designers of the 20th century. With avant-garde designs using modern materials, the native Dane was far ahead of his time. The architect and designer created houses, furniture, lighting, textiles and everyday objects.

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