by Verner Panton

VP8, the round rug in colour combination black dots on white ground, is knotted by hand from pure new wool. It is a variation of the VP8 Rainbow that looks like a colour study by its master, architect and designer Verner Panton. If you like the design, but prefer more colour, choose the VP8 rug, made of pure new wool in rainbow colours. With a diameter of 68 centimeters, we also offer the VP8 black white in a decorative black cardboard case.

Manufacturer Modern carpets by Designercarpets. Design by Verner Panton.
Material Pure new wool
Shipping 3 Month
Inclusive quality Check

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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1968 – for those who have been there, a mythical year. It embodies the time of upheaval and set off. This experimental mood is reflected in the VP8 black white carpet. Large circles, which in turn are composed of small dots, shrink inwards and compose the design of the carpet VP8 black white. The colour scheme from the VP8 rugs in rainbow was again realized by Verner Panton in the installation ‘Colour Spaces’ in the Gallery Littmann in his hometown Basel / Switzerland. The invigorating and soothing effects of the VP8 Rainbow colours were experienced by visitors in a colour tunnel.

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In addition to its special design, the VP8 black white rug features a number of other positive qualities, which recommend it as a cozy haven in almost every room. Thus the VP8 black white rug is robust, hard- wearing, extremely absorbent and moisture-regulating. This makes the VP8 black white rug become a cozy island for design lovers, who want to combine classic design with modern interior design style and functional, natural materials.

Geometric patterns, brought onto home textiles, were a major issue in the 1960s and are now back up to date. All still available versions of the fabric decor VP8 in black and white are available as originals at design interior specialist TAGWERC. One of the most well-known pattern of Mid Century Art Epoch sets an elegant accent in your home: whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway. With the VP8 carpet anything is possible!

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Processing
  • Land
  • Pure new wool
  • Black, White
  • Hand knotted
  • Nepal


  • Diameter
  • Total height
  • Weight
  • 68.00 cm
  • ca. 0.15 cm
  • ca. 2.58 kg


  • Certificate
  • The GoodWeave-Programme (Rugmark) certifies rugs without exploitative child labour.

    Certified rugs are manufactured by adult and appropriately paid carpet weavers without child labour. Independent inspectors regularly monitor compliance with GoodWeave standards at the factory.

    The carpet will be hand knotted for you after your order.

The VP 8 Rug was designed by
Verner Panton

Verner Panton X Pantop
Designer Verner Panton
Verner Panton
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton is one of the most inspiring designers of the 20th century. With avant-garde designs using modern materials, the native Dane was far ahead of his time. The architect and designer created houses, furniture, lighting, textiles and everyday objects.

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