Table lamps by Designer Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Verner Panton table lamps

Mood and well-being are significantly influenced by table lamps. On the one hand, some table lamps serve as work lighting and reading light. On the other, table lights set accents in the room, create islands of light and emphasize particularly beautifully designed or cherished areas in a room. This influences our well-being in the long term. Attractiveness also contributes to improving our sense of well- being.

Two steps to happiness

But how do I find the right table lamp for me? Here you can proceed as follows. First of all, trust and follow your feelings. So, you like a table lamp. Take for example a FUN METALL table lamp. It has an attractive appearance and with its shiny silver metal plates it makes a lot. It attracts attention and thus also to the area where you place the FUN METAL. This can be a small desk in the hallway where you put your keys on, a bedside table in the bedroom or a shelf with large compartments in the living room or study. Table lamps are used everywhere and in the ideal case attract attention even by their attractive appearance. Our FUN METALL table lamp is such an ideal case.

The Wow feeling

You inform yourself about the table lamp. What dimensions does the table lamp have? What material is it made of? With which light source can it be operated? How is the table lamp operated? Does the design tell a story? Where can it be placed? Ambiente images may serve as a source of inspiration, from catalogs, magazines or the Internet. There you will see the FUN METAL doubled, placed to the right and left of a bed in a pink room and think: Wow. Maybe. Whatever you think, the dice will drop and you choose a model.

Forms, colours, functions and light

Verner Panton, the designer is specialized in, experimented with shapes, colours, functions and light throughout his lifetime. He studied their effects and used them, ideally all four. Not only does it sit better on a chair, whose colour you like. It also works more efficiently with the individually fitting work lamp. You feel better at home, surrounded by objects like table lamps that please you. If the table lamp then gives off a harmonious light and its surrounding maybe even is dived in an interesting play of light and shadow, happiness is perfect.

Light and well-being

Indirect lights provide a feel-good light and exude a positive mood. All our lights – no matter whether wall and ceiling lights, pendant lights, floor lamps or table lamps as well as the FUN METAL work with indirect light. They are design classics, technically sophisticated, may have won design awards and take advantage of the benefits of modern materials. But the most important thing is: they provide mood light and increase well-being.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton Table lamps, manufactured by &Tradition, Louis Poulsen & Verpan.

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