Rugs by Designer Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE

A real piece of cosiness

In the age of parquet, laminate and tile or stone floors, rugs perform magic exactly at the right level of comfort into a clearly structured environment. All the better, if the rug is not only lying, but underlining the message of the other furniture with drawing attention to itself at the same time. Who is looking out for such an eye- catcher, will love the rug design by Verner Panton.

The rug creations of architect and designer Verner Panton are classic designs but anything but dusty. They carry such fine-sounding names as Geometri, Sinfonia, Roulette or Diamond and are knotted by hand in the company’s own manufactory in Nepal. Thus the highest level of quality and individuality are guaranteed. The unique prints are not just items for fans of the retro designs. The Danish company Verpan produces Panton rugs as well. While Designercarpets knots the rugs by hand, the rugs from Verpan are tufted.

But regardless of the manufacturing technology – Panton’s textile works present colours and shapes in rarely seen harmony. Above all, the VP VIII acts as a colour study of his master. Whether round, rectangular or square shaped – starting from the center the colour circles change from the inside out of warm yellow, to orange, red, pink, purple, cold blue and end up with fresh green. As the VP VIII Rainbow is manufactured in three different forms and two design types, there’s the rug with white circles on a black background and black circles on a white ground only in the round version. With a diameter of 68 centimeters, it is exclusively us, who offer the VP VIII in a decorative black cardboard on request.

The renewable and biodegradable raw materials, wool and silk, which are processed in our Verner Panton rugs, provide rugs that are in harmony with the ecological conscience. We use the Verner Panton rugs by Designercarpets and Verpan as a classic floor rug, as well as an attractive eye-catcher on walls in the living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway. In the TAGWERC Design STORE you will find all available Panton rugs as certified originals in best quality and with the best possible service.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton rugs, manufactured by Designercarpets.

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